Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Deported because of a Social Media Post

Am sure most of you have heard the story that went vial of the Indian national who visited Makka and was reported and arrested by the commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, the religious police, and an investigation was launched. Link 

The Kaaba was described on his facebook page as a Hindu Temple. The most sacred holy place on earth.

The reporting of this while incident should have been more of an educational trip towards learning what the Kaaba and Islam are, in my opinion deporting him for doing such thing wasn’t the right move, not only this national is back in his country having all the bad thoughts about what just happened, also would not be believing that Islam is a forgiving religion.

Instead, he should have been educated and advised to remove the image or caption to: the Kaaba.

Sometimes things on social media can make a great impact such as this one, but reading things made me think how much social media can really be a reason for people to have a thought that they can stick to so strongly. Unfortunately

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Social Media No No in Oman

I was reading an article on today about the 7 sins of social media marketing.

I thought I would create some from where I come from (Beautiful Oman )

1The 24 Hour Rule:

If you’re a government entity (Ministry or owned by the government) on Twitter, being active or inactive, posting irrelevant content might be a common thing, although some of the account are
Managed impressively here. The 24 hour rule sometimes doesn't even apply in this case BIG SIN for me because Twitter is all about interaction, & in order to get trusted you need to be there for your followers specifically If your providing a service. Am not saying reply to all negative & positive comments, but please at least reply to quarries. 

2Posting a 1000 posts a day:

I mean Please, no one wants their profiles on Facebook filled your page content. People here would rather see more pictures, but not a 1000 per day. Some accounts kill you here with the amount of updates daily that I know for sure is repeated content that will only make people un-follow you !

3Posting Newspaper clips on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram:

We are online post a link, I don’t see why you have to go through the hustle of finding the news, copying it, pasting then cropping and then posting it ! Some people cant read the small fonts on the newspaper anyways, so they will need to save, zoom then read, just post a link direct people to the newspapers website nothing wrong with that at all,  I mean you never go wrong with mentioning a newspaper, your PR will be up up up.

4Creating accounts on every channel for every single event you have:

Just ridiculous, I know of one page that has atleast 7-10 event pages that goes dormant after an event! Why attract people’s attention to other pages that are related to your events  than back to yours, then decide to just stop posting. Confusing!!

   No Advertising:

When companies want to generate followers real ones without advertising on Facebook but depend on a 100 post per day (previous point)

  Not listening:

In most cases when a strategy is done usually it contains what the organizations objectives are, in my mind how would that organization know how people will react to it? That’s why it is very important to have a strategy where you can have a presence on social media that knows what people want to have, give them what they want to hear, so your with the flow not against it.

   Not thinking out of the box:

Just annoys me so much. Most of the pages are just typical pages that are there for the sake of the social media boost. Creativity is a very important factor that is so hard for some organizations to invest in, weather hiring someone or an agency, yes I agree some agency’s are ridiculously over-priced , but simple things can make a huge difference.

Here a couple of things that I think is a BIG no no on social media in Oman in particular.

Share your thoughts. 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Social Media Revolution dies in a couple of years ? 

A couple of CEO's who ruled the social media world, such as Google, who came out o the world to say that social media is a dying revolution. & it really made me think so much on how this statement might be true, since this is what I do full time, got me thinking, really, in 5-10 years will I be out of a job or business maybe? 

Well, what I recall out of his statement “ Ex. Google CEO”, that its time for the new technology to come in, robots will be operating everything, ( well in that sense), and I have really just been thinking of that statement itself, and specifically where I come from. Oman, in the GCC of the conservative yet up to date country, where social media is still a new thing and is still growing. As we have seen in the past couple of years Social Media has been a reason for heads to fall, and if people were smart enough they would keep this new revolution going but evolving everyday as we see it.

My view at the moment about this whole thing is, no its going to die because in the back of my head, this will be used as a smart tool, where people can speak and voice out, isn’t it the only place at the moment where governments are silently listening, and only a couple of the smart ones actually listened loudly. Isn’t this still going to be a revolution 10 years later, when people will be more mature and more cultured about it, where it can not only be social network, it can actually be a part of a bigger thing, highlight bigger things, listen to
bigger things and taking bigger actions ? 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Twitter Upgrades Tweet Analytic Dashboard

last Friday, twitter has updated their analytic's dashboard. for advertisers and verified users to be able to see more than just the number of favorites and re-tweets. Now they will be able to see the total impressions on each post. 

The dashboard is available to marketers, Twitter Card publishers and verified users. A source familiar with Twitter's thinking told Mashable there are no plans at the moment to expand the dashboard to all users. 

The updated analytic's tool is clearly intended to make the social network even more enticing to brands and influential Twitter users by showing exactly how users are engaging with their tweets in real-time.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

@everyword ends on 1st July 2014

Are you a twitter fan like me? I tweet non-stop & I love it. 

I feel I have actually learnt something out of it, to be direct since we are limited to 140 characters. Its a part of my daily life, I mean I would wake up in the morning, and whenever I check my phone twitter is the first App I actually check just to see the updates of what is happening around Oman & the world. I have different followers from all over the world and I follow different people\companies\ campaigns\etc.. around the world, its good to be updated about whats happening. 

So, I have been following an account : @everyword , and basically what they have been doing since 2007 is tweet every single word that actually exists in the dictionary, they have successfully completed their task on 1st of June 2014, which is amazing, if you go to their account they have 100 K followers or I must say learners. From my end it was nice learning new words or actually seeing them on my daily twitter updates and go on to see what they actually mean. 

Here are some of what I learnt in the past couple of days : 

zoochemistry: the branch of chemistry dealing with the constituents of the animalbody; animal chemistry.

yestreen: yesterday evening; last evening. (used in north England) 

xylophones: a musical instrument consisting of a graduated series of wooden bars, usually sounded by striking with small wooden hammers.

Follow @everyword to learn about all the words in the dictionary I tell you it helps your grammar. 

Till next time. 


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hi There

Hi There ,

I am Saba Al Busaidi, a passionate individual about social media,  & yes it is what I do full time.

I am hoping out of this blog to be able to transfer some of the knowledge I have about Social Media, and post about its updates in-order for other to be updated about it.

I hope you like this blog. Until I blog next time.


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